You want a sense of security. You want to protect your business and the people who work there. Whether you're working in your office, relaxing in your living room, or enjoying a vacation... you want to have peace of mind. But at the same time, you don't want to give in to crime.

Yes... burglary is big business in America. One burglary is committed every 10 seconds. That adds up to over 3 million incidents a year - with an average loss of $13,000 worth of property!

The Eye See You Security System

The Eye See You Security System combines state-of-the-art components, with the proven technology of our Surveillance systems, to provide you with the peace of mind that you need. All our burglar alarm systems are 100 % wireless making them foolproof and easy to relocate. We are the  only company that relocates equipment and continues your existing central station monitoring contract all other companies make you leave equipment behind, force you to buy new equipment and start a new monitoring agreement

All security systems have the same basic features. They have door and window alarms, smoke and fire detectors, and a siren or other notification system. Some systems have motion detectors and video surveillance as does Eye See You. An Eye See You Loss Prevention Specialist will be able to help you choose the best mix of components for your business.

What sets us apart from the competition are two main items, our redundant central station monitorting, and our hybrid landline and cellular transmitters.

Thieves know that the easiest way to disable a central-station-based alarm system is to simply cut the phone line. This way, when the alarm is triggered, there is no way for the system to contact the central station and get help. However, with our special hybrid landline and cellular transmitters, if the regular phone lines are cut, the system will automatically switch to a digital cellular link and immediately notify the central station.


With Eye See You' Security System, if your phone lines are cut, our wireless module will instantly connect your alarm system to one of our monitoring centers through the cellular phone network.

Once the alarm has been sounded, our Central Stations take over. Located in multiple, state-of-the-art facilities throughout the US, our trained professionals are prepared to instantly respond to any emergency. The Centers are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and have continuous direct access to local 911, Police, and Emergency services.

Upon receiving an alarm, the Center will first attempt to contact you. If they are able to reach you they will assess the situation and send the appropriate services to your location. If they are unable to contact you, the Police and Emergency services are immediately dispatched.

The Problem

Police are called to respond to hundreds of thousands of alarms every year. According to police figures, over 85% of these are caused by false alarms. On-site response is time consuming and costly. As a result, it pays to introduce policies to limit the responses to alarms for incidents that can be verified by a second means.

The problem is just as bad for companies employing private guard companies to respond to alarms. With the cost of guards increasing every year, many companies are finding the direct cost of keeping their property secure are spiraling ever higher.

The Solution

Our Alarm Verification service is designed to integrate with our existing CCTV camera installations. The service can be configured to take pictures when an alarm is activated as well as using independent motion sensors

The images are transmitted directly to whatever viewing device you specify,via a secure connection. No special hardware or software is required, so authorized staff can easily be given access to the images.

Using our Alarm Verification process ensures that appropriate action can be taken when an alarm is triggered by giving advanced information about the cause of an alarm, and securing evidence off-site where it can't be tampered with by any intruder.

Did You Know:

Your security system can save you money. Typically, insurance companies offer between a 2% and 30% discount on a policy. Ask your insurance agent which types of systems will qualify you for the greatest savings.

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