Homeland Security

As you can see, Eye See You is more than just a basic CCTV and Alarm company. We are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive electronic coverage for both your home and office. Whether it is an Alarm System, a Home Theater System, Home Automation, or even a complete home-wide multi-channel cabling project, Eye See You is there for you!
Our State-of-the-art CCTV/Burglar/Fire/Carbon Monoxide & Medical alarm systems will give you complete protection. If someone tries to enter your property you are alerted from our Door Alarms, Window Alarms, or Motion Detectors. If a fire breaks out in the house our smoke detectors will quickly wake you with the loudest sirens allowed by law. For medical emergencies we offer both standalone and handheld Medical Panic Buttons.
Eye See You Carbon Monoxide Detectors have the longest range in the alarm industry today. Our Carbon Monoxide Detectors penetrate thru walls and floors while sending out the loudest siren possible. (115 decibels) Our competition charges separate fee's for each alarm. Eye See You combines all detectors into one central station giving you the most value and protection for your money. This combination, with a Wireless Panic Button for the outside of the home, clearly gives you the most added safety and value of any security company in the alarm industry. Why pay more for less? All of this can be controlled from your Cellphone/Smartphone.




Home Automation

Home Automation Systems allow you to control numerous aspects of your house such as your heating and cooling systems, lights, windows, and appliances all from conveniently located screens and remotes. These systems have been proven to save money in energy costs and increase the security of the home. Some of these systems can even be remotely programmed via cell phones and the Internet.


 Audio  & Video Intercoms

More and more homes are adding audio and video intercom systems. While a basic system might allow you to monitor one room in a house (a babies room or a person's room who is confined to bed), a more advanced system can be used throughout all the rooms of a house. Some intercoms even allow you to see who is at the door and unlock the door remotely.


Home Theater Systems  

Today's advanced Home Theater Systems can consist of Hi-Def Plasma screens with surround sound and plush seating. Eye See You will wire your system to allow you to get the most out of your technology. In addition, Eye See You can combine this with other household wiring projects to give you a comprehensive home wiring system.




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