Point Of Sale Monitoring

One of the most important ways to stop employee fraud and theft is to monitor your cash register transactions. If left without supervision it is possible for an unscrupulous employee to steal from a register, either by pocketing money from a sale or by voiding out transactions.

With Eye See You's Point Of Sale monitoring package, you will see a record of each transaction on the screen as it happens and our specially designed software will automatically alert you whenever a suspicious transaction occurs.

Point Of Sale Monitoring

How It Works


1. The standard camera images of the cash register area are fed to the POS processing module.

2. At the same time, a cable from the cash register feeds the register's key activities to the POS processing module.

3. The POS processing module combines the two images and forwards the resulting picture to your Digital Video Recorder.

4. The DVR sends the image to your display screen (ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD IN REAL-TIME)!

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