A.  It's our five year no fix full replacement warranty!


·       Our equipment is manufactured by “Eye See You” which is why we offer the longest (and fairest) warranty in the surveillance industry today.  This consists of five years replacement of cameras and all other equipment, including adjustments. Also, our digital video recorders (DVR’s) are repaired for the full five-year warranty period. If beyond repair, Eye See You  will replace your DVR with a brand new machine. Our competitors offer only short term warranties which enable them to possibly double or even triple their initial proposal when returning to repair or adjust their equipment.  This is where there real money is made. After the short term warranty expires you will be charged every time a service man appears, whether to adjust or repair your equipment, that is why our five-year no fix full replacement warranty is so important in comparison to our competitors worthless short term warranties.

·      Our 750 resolution outside/inside cameras give you the finest picture quality today for a distance of up to 300 feet. We do live demonstrations of existing businesses to prove this. Most companies try to explain what their cameras can do and intentionally not show you. Most of our competition cannot produce a clear picture past 75 feet.

·     Eye see you digital video recorders record for 90 days in a row, 24/7, 3 seconds faster than real-time movement.  This will assure you that for 3 months in a row you will have concise video footage with no interruptions, skipping, or delays. Our competitors cannot duplicate this.  To record for more than 2 weeks they have to record only when there is motion (movement). This will not help you in “slip and fall” liability issues or “criminal acts”. You must have continuous taped evidence when trying to prove a wrong doing in a court of law.  If our competitors record 24/7 they can only record for about a week, or recordings will start to skip and cause severe delays and the picture quality will be poor. Our competitors digital video recorders are not designed to record long term and will erase before most issues are discovered.

·     Our satellite software allows our customers to view their properties completely wireless anywhere in the world using cellphones or laptops. This will eliminate your dependency of the high-speed internet and cuts your high-speed bill in half. Our competition only uses high-speed internet, which is not always available. Satellite viewing is everywhere, which means with our system you can view anywhere in the world without restrictions. A claim only “Eye See You” can make.

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