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Client Testimonials

Virtually all of our customers have great things to say about us. In fact, when we first asked them if we could tell their stories in this spot, the response was overwhelming! Of the dozens of letters and stories that we received, these three stand out because they describe exactly how our systems were able to solve specific problems that occur on a daily basis across a broad range of businesses. So please, click on the items below to find out how Eye See You helped our customers solve their security problems.

 I have been a loyal customer of Eye See You  for over 9 years.  In that time I have saved thousands of dollars in productivity, theft, and pilferage; not to mention an armed robbery where the perpetrator was caught putting on a mask about a 100 feet away from my bowling alley. Also I was able to prove that a customer who fell down a flight of stairs was intoxicated (I have a bar on the premises), which god knows how much money that could have cost me. Over the years I have had many companies try and sell me an upgraded camera system but being a loyal customer and having so much experience with not only Eye See You  the company but also theire own equipment, the upgrades were just not there.  I had ADT and Sentry and some local companies I never heard of pitch me and when I responded “Do your cameras that see from 300 feet away without zoom” or Do you have a “Five year no fix full replacement warranty with free adjustments” the answer was always no. So other than just cutting the price down they really did not have anything on Eye See You . The bottom line for me is you get what you pay for. Having saved thousands of dollars over the years I could not even put a price comparison between  Eye See You  and their competitors that would be fair. Bottom line I have never waited more than 48 hours for service and most of the time they have come within 24 hours.  I have even gotten same day service and never had I had to pay for anything additional. Whether it be replacement or labor. So for me it’s a no “brainer”  Eye See You  is easily the best and fairest company in the surveillance industry,  whether it’s technically or there 5 year free service plan. I will be a customer until I retire.

Dianne F – Owner Cozy Bowl
I have been a customer of Eye See You  for a little over 3 years. Having other companies sell me cameras over the years always became a real problem. I could never get them to service our equipment and found when they did come out to my church they always charged me extra, even though I had a warranty.  I was told that my warranty was for parts only. So basically not only did I pay for my equipment but I also felt like I was charged twice whenever I needed service. I found out about Eye See You  through the local school in our area :  many church members have children who attend the school as well as some staff members of the school being members of our church.  I was referred to Eye See You by both parents and staff members.   
When Eye See You  first showed up for our appointment the very first thing that impressed me was they “Did not tell me what my cameras would do they showed me”  there representative explained “we have many churches” and showed me a “live demonstration of a few of them” seeing how sharp the images were in real time and how the same cameras would look in my church I was sold right there, especially when they explained there cameras were manufactured by Eye See You  and can see from 300 feet away with a clear image. This was obvious to me when observing the demonstration. Proving this to me combined with the “Five year no fix full replacement warranty, with free service and adjustments”  I could not believe what I just heard. I than asked how long does the Eye See You Digital Video Recorder record for?  The salesman said” 90 straight days without motion 3 seconds faster than real time”‘.  My jaw dropped. One of my biggest problems with my old system is our church keeps late hours and by the time I discovered I had issues, my old D.V.R. would have already  recorded over most of my issues if not all of them. Being in motion recording never worked for us, my cameras could not see passed 20 feet so I never had a clear picture or the full incident anyway, especially,  when most problems could have been avoided before they became incidents to begin with. I have now been a customer for over 3 years and have had all my theft and vandalism issues go away, mainly because I can record for over 6 months 24/7 in “real time” as opposed to 7-10 days in motion recording only from my old system.  They have come out on occasion, the same day or the day after I called them, and I have never been charged one cent for the replacements or free adjustments 
Thank you Eye See You .Really! You have been a godsend to this church!
Magalene M. – Memorial Presbyterian; Church Business Administrator 
I was referred to Eye See You  through one of my real estate contacts when the nursing home I work for wanted to install security cameras in our buildings. The final bids came down to Eye See You and a local company called Camelot . At the time we decided to go with Camelot even though I was originally referred to Eye See You .The rep from Eye See You had explained that “in order to make a fair comparison you have to compare apples to apples”  Eye See You than went on to point out that “the resolution of his cameras was far superior to Camelot’s, and that there Digital Video Recorder was far superior as well”. They were right in pointing out the 90 day straight recording versus 14 days from Camelot, as well as the range (300 feet daytime and 150 nighttime range) versus (40 feet daytime range and 20 feet night time range). Camelot did seem to have an inferior system and a much shorter warranty which they did not deny when questioned. In fact everyone we took bids from had pretty much the same warranty except Eye See You this was one year on cameras and 3 months on the Digital Video Recorder, but with Camelot we were saving a few thousand dollars. A fact I pointed out to Eye See You  Their response was  “that they will recover the difference in service charges which are what all of Eye See You competitors do”. Eye See You explained that “this is the most common scam going on in our industry, by buying cheap Cameras and Digital Video Recorders instead of manufacturing them like we do, they will never hold up in extreme weather conditions or over time, and the resolution will leave the playback video on their cheap Digital Video Recorders worthless for identification purposes.in a court of law. A fact proven many times by watching the news on T. V.” needless to say we chose the cheaper company a decision I have regretted ever since. Camelot basically ran off with our deposit, after running about ten wire lines which took weeks to do . I swallowed my pride after realizing we had been ripped off and called Eye See You. I admitted we were wrong and they were right. Eye See You came in and impressed me immediately when they swapped out the existing lines that were already run, they ripped everything down and started from scratch. When I asked why they explained “that with a five year swap warranty on all cameras and some lines being almost 900 feet long they did not want to chance the existing wire having less than 98% copper which was necessary for the longer runs and overall performance of the equipment. None of our competitors that he knows of  would use such expensive wire. In the time it took Camelot to do just  ten lines, Eye See You was finished with  all 16 of their lines. The lesson I learned from this was simple “you get what you pay for” anyway we since added an additional 32 cameras with very few bumps along the way and excellent service with no hidden fee’s. This was about 4 years ago and we never looked back.
Adrian C.  New York Congregational Nursing Center; VP/Facilities Coordinator