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Compare Eye See You

Although we know that Eye See You is the best choice for your security needs, we also understand that you might want to check out our competition. The following chart summarizes some of the main features of Monitoring Systems to show you how Eye See You compares to other national security companies.

Comparison Chart

Record Speed
(frames per second per camera)
24x7 Record Time Without Motion
In motion 24x7 approximately 360 days in 4K360NoNoNoNo
Simultaneous Locations1602222
Number Of Cameras25616161616
Motion Detection - 4 shapes within the picture frame, any size or configuration,YesNoNoNoNo
Motion Detection Zones41321
Ability to select multiple cameras up to 32 different locations selecting the priority cameras from all 32 locations and adding them onto 1 screen example 32 front door camerasYesNoNoNoNo
32 Camera Live Viewing on Smartphones with Audio & Playback recordingsYesNoNoNoNo
64 x 4k live viewing on a cellphone, tablet, laptop, desktop,YesNoNoNoNo

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