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Eye Cloud Card Access Intercom System

Our eye cloud card access intercom services are designed with safety and security as the main priority. Save money by combining a live feed intercom with a built-in card access system, opposed to two separate systems!

Many people, especially the elderly are at risk of being robbed or assaulted in their own apartment building. Eye See You brings safety and security back into your life with the Eye Cloud Card Access Intercom System by allowing you to see, speak and hear who is requesting access into your apartment building. It works just like Skype, Face Time and Ring.

Our eye cloud intercom card access system allows the tenants (in their apartment or anywhere in the world) to have LIVE conversations where they can see, speak and hear (just like Ring, Skype and Face Time) and then decide if they want to allow access into the building by pressing a button on their own device while viewing the lobby/front door area.

Our eye cloud intercom card access system allows you to view on your phone who’s ringing your door bell. You will see and be able to allow them into your building. Our eye cloud intercom features a 4k snapshot with eye cloud storage, and multi language support. Our eye cloud card access intercom allows you to view who is ringing the bell to your apartment building no matter where you are physically located making it ideal for people who travel or often find themselves away from their apartment building for extended periods of time. This allows you to freely and safely walk throughout your building without worrying about being approached by a stranger.

Apartment Buildings & Commercial Buildings

The Eye Cloud Smart Video CARD ACCESS Intercom is Expandable to Virtually any system size, scope or geographical footprint

  • Hard one wired eye cloud intercom with a built-in 4K camera. 100% identifiable in lobby or front door area, wide angle allows a perfect view of all visitors.
  • Clearly see who is at the door while talking to them before allowing entry into your building. This includes the front main doors. (Side, Back and Garage Doors can be available too for an additional fee).
  • Eye Cloud retention log that snapshots the visitor and writes into the log who let them into the building which is stored for a year.
  • No system in America offers a 5 year NO FEE replacement warranty that speaks five of the most common languages and a video screen for the hearing impaired.

Works with Multiple Devices

Mobile Phones


IP Video Phones


Desktop PC’s


Eye See You offers a simple one wired eye cloud card access intercom door entry system that will allow you to receive live feeds to cell phones, tablets, iPads, desktops and laptops anywhere in your apartment building or anywhere in the world. You can decide after watching them face to face while talking to them, if you wish to permit them to enter into your apartment building. Guaranteeing 100% safety for you and your neighbors.

"We're not friends! I don't even know you. I'm not letting you into my building."

"You just said your the pizza guy. If your the pizza guy, where is the pizza?"

We charge a small fee per apartment regardless of occupant residency for our mobile app for the tenants to view. Owner/Management may add additional fee(s) if desired. If adding a fee most systems get paid off faster and leave you with continuous profits as long as you remain our client.

We take pride in providing an exceptional product and service because we understand that we are your first and best line of defense against burglaries, any type of assault, or other potentially dangerous situations. Our eye cloud card access intercom system removes any doubt you may have when allowing access to your apartment building. When you hear the mailman or delivery person, you can be assured that you’re not being tricked into opening the door for the wrong person. Our eye cloud card access intercom system also comes with a 5 year no fix, full replacement warranty on any manufacturer defects, vandalism not included. So if for any reason your eye cloud intercom system were to malfunction or become inoperative, we will provide you with a full replacement.

Hearing Impaired Accessible

Multi Langauge Support

1 Year Cloud Storage

Eye Cloud Smart Video Intercom Features Include:​

  • Free Initial Programming included. Simply mount and connect Device(s)
  • Fully cloud hosted with remote web-based system management
  • Cloud based file storage
  • Multiple IP talk-paths
  • Simple ongoing software and feature updates
  • Full system event logs, with photos (where applicable)
  • Schedule enabled tenant and visitor access
  • Visitor virtual keys
  • Built-In proximity readers (fobs sold separately)
  • Optional elevator control integration
  • Detailed permission system for multiple system managers
  • A Suite of resident features and notification options
  • Expandable to virtually any system size, scope or geographic footprint
  • System maintenance alerts for Management/staff

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